nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)


Role : Designer, fabricator, developer

Sirintip, New York-based artist, singer, and songwriter, performed for her ending debut year at Wonderfruit, a high-concept arts and music festival that built around a central ideology of eco-friendly,  in Pattaya, Thailand.

Sirintip performing at Wonderfruits

The Shoulder piece was designed to enhance her performance with its form that based on Akio Hizume and Takamichi Sushida’s research on origami for the Fibonacci or golden ratio, the shape that can be found in nature. The piece is using radiant materials to reflect and alter light's wave length of the light layer underneath that can adjust to respond to sound or loop in animations.


Art direction, design, fabrication, and programming: Nitcha Tothong

Special Thank you for supported material devolopment: Ike Daruswat

Client: Ground Up Music, Sirintip

Prototypes and testing functionality

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