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ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Within webAR Holiday card

Role : Lead Creative Technologist, Art Director


Art Director and Technical Director: Nitcha Tothong
Producer: Narissara Thanapreechakul
Developer: Karnpapon Boonput
Assistant Producer: Mariah Summers
Copy Writer: Ana DeVito, Sari Landau
Creative Strategy: Ash Gallin
Sound Design: Tongkwai Lulin
3D Designer: Brennan Brinkley
AR Developer: Amy Springett
UX/UI designer: Austin Aubry
Graphic Deesigner: Donovan Mansinon-Salazer
Client: Within LLC

Live site (work best on mobile)

To share season's greetings in 2021, we created and launched the WITHIN WebAR Holiday Card. The card was physical, printed on paper, and gifted to clients and internal teammates at WIthin. It included a QR code that (when scanned with a mobile device) directed users to a digital experience via webpage. The experience prompted users to hold their camera to the front of the card, triggering AR image-tracking technology to unlock a hidden AR world. The world contained special messages, unique custom sounds, and festive digital animation—all developed to spread holiday cheer.



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