nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Wikimedia Foundation–New Community Resources Grants

Role : Director, Animator


Directed by Nitcha Tothong (fame)
Creative Direction: Hang Do Thi Duc, Khanyi Mpumlwana, Wikimedia Foundation
Producer: Hang Do Thi Duc, Wikimedia Foundation
Script: Khanyi Mpumlwana, Wikimedia Foundation
Art and Animation Direction: Nitcha Tothong (fame)
Concept Dev: Nitcha Tothong (fame), Suphitcha Donsrichan
Illustration: Nitcha Tothong (fame), Suphitcha Donsrichan 2D
Animation: Nitcha Tothong (fame), Suphitcha Donsrichan, Pusaya S. Baisri, Chonpicha Suwanke
Particles simulation: Nitcha Tothong (fame), Pasakorn Nontananandh
Music & Sound Design: Kengchakaj Kengkarnka
Narration voice: Mathoto Matsetela

Wikipedia, the world’s largest free online encyclopedia, starting the new grants system that built on the principles of equity & empowerment, collaboration & cooperation, people centeredness, and the promotion of innovation and learning. All demonstrated into three programmes as global efforts to support free knowledge, open collaboration, and trust on the internet. In a time when disinformation and polarization challenge our trust in information and institutions, Wikipedia is more relevant than ever.

“Wikipedia has evolved from a seemingly impossible idea into a sprawling testament to humanity—a place where we can collaborate, share, and learn about anything and everything,” said Katherine Maher, CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation. “It is a global effort of volunteers who elevate knowledge and cooperation over conflict and self-interest. We are committed to preserving the integrity and value of information at a time when the world needs it most.”


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