nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Temper the Wound - Kalia Vandever

Role : Director, Animator

Directed, concept, and animation by Nitcha Tothong (fame)
Trombone, Effects, and Voice : Kalia Vandever
From the album 'We Fell In Turn’ on AKP Recordings.

The animation expresses the feeling of intimacy, soothing, and healing, which simulates the same sense when listening to 'Temper the Wound.'

The visuals trigger haptic sense by using gently rubbing gestures from the audience's point of view. It also reveals a scar on the hand that caresses in the form of memory metaphor to the wound itself has the healing power.

'Temper the Wound' is part of Kalia's debut album 'We Fell In Turn' is improvisational — a stark palate of solo trombone, voice, effects, and little more. Connecting the dots between Jeff Parker’s Forfolks, and early releases from Grouper, 'We Fell In Turn' is a study of space and patience, embracing vulnerability in its sparse adornment. At times, the album is reminiscent of Patrick Shiroishi’s Hidemi, both in its familial inspiration and solo instrument study, while sharing the ineffable feel of William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops — the traces of her trombone folding in on themselves in an organic loop. Emotionally generous throughout, Vandever acts as a torchbearer for jazz’s historical yearning for connection.

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