nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Revoke–Singular ft.Yarinda

Role : Director, Animator


Designed and directed : Yossiri Baisri & Nitcha Tothong
Cel Animation : Ise Ananphada & Nitcha Tothong
Edited and Color Grading by : Yossiri Baisri
Cast : Chintnudda Lamakanond & Phatthi Buntawanit
Special Thanks : Koong Juk Jue
Client : Sony Music

“Revoke” is an official music video for a track from an alternative metro acoustic band, Singular’s 2012 full album called ‘Spirit.’ The music video is about a relationship between two lovers and how they zen on the awkwardness of their collapsing feelings.

The piece used the visual to show faded nostalgia for past moments; the protagonists owned together, using an hourglass as a metaphor of revolving of unescaping circumstances. The anecdote is about the relationship longing to go back to the beginning. The effects draw the fluid component to indicated decaying and fluid dynamics of time in memory space: drain and overflow.

Making Process

Revoke (Official Music Video)

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