nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Rent the Runway
Retail Experience

Role : Art Director, Motion Designer, Experience Designer


Art Direction and Motion Design: Nitcha Tothong
Software Devolopment: Henry Lam, Luobin Wang, Eric Jiang
Project Management: Yunfei Xiang
Created at Anyways, Here’s the Thing
Client: Rent the Runway

We created a series of animated digital art for the endcap displays that transform the massive selection of dresses into three pattern systems: Kaleidoscope, Particles, and Grid. Each of the animations updates itself with the latest collection of dresses from RTR's backend inventory directly and displays elegantly, and subtly.

The patterns pull the similar color palette dresses data, and generate different motion pattern every time it displays, show the endless closet of Rent the Runway dynamically in the rental shop.

Example of the data generated motion patterns.

The digital experience at Rent the Runway flagship store.

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