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Nightlight: nycX Co-lab in Brownsville

Role : Concepting, Design, Fabrication, Curriculum planning and development, Teaching

Concept Devolopment: Anyways, Here’s the Thing, Chuck Kuan, Tyler Henry
Art Direction and Motion Design: Nitcha Tothong
Software Devolopment: Henry Lam, Tyler Henry
Created at Anyways, Here’s the Thing
Client: NYCEDC in partner with MOCTO, MOCJ, and NYC DOT

Design and programming workshops, Interactive Lighting Class for BCJC.

Worksheet Design workshops, Interactive Lighting Class for BCJC.
Nightlight Project is in response to the NYCx Co-Lab Challenge for Safe and Thriving Nighttime Corridors; team at Anyways, here's the Thing and I plan to deploy a networked and responsive IoT system of decorative lighting that indicates human presence and pedestrian traffic. 

We augment the existing streetlamp posts along the Belmont Avenue Corridor with programmable, networked, decorative LED light strips that respond to passing pedestrians with fluctuating radiance. As pedestrians pass under the lamps the lights will shine brighter and trigger other nearby lights, creating wave-like effects. The animations, which will also be triggered by external data such as bus arrival times at the nearest bus stop, will create an active, responsive atmosphere that subtly indicates the presence of activity and reinforces the use of Belmont Avenue after dark.

In collaboration, youth from the Brownsville Community Justice Center’s Tech Lab will design their own lighting choreographies and learn coding to program the lighting system. The pilots will activate Osborn Plaza and the Belmont Avenue corridor in Brownsville, Brooklyn, starting on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at 7:00pm. The launch event will be open to the public.

As part of the project, we also provide a series of design and programming workshops, Interactive Lighting Class for BCJC. It's evening classes High-school extracurricular for youth in the Brownsville neighborhood. This project is part of the winning proposals for the NYCx Co-Lab Challenge: Safe and Thriving Nighttime Corridors.

Hardware modules installing at Brownsville

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