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ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Mirrored Solitude - Kalia Vandever

Role : Director, Animator

Directed, concept, and animation by Nitcha Tothong (fame)
Trombone, Effects, and Voice : Kalia Vandever
From the album 'We Fell In Turn’ on AKP Recordings.

This animation for ‘Mirrored Solitude’, the visual of one’s being revolving in repetition comes to mind as it imitates the music and sound in this piece and symbolizes cycles of different states of mind.

The loop indicates the time passing and moving through all the emotions, from joy to anger to calm. As it’s a loop, the beginning is its end and vice versa; getting lost in where we are in the cycle while the person standstill and is being themselves.

'Mirrored Solitude' is part of Kalia's debut album 'We Fell In Turn' is improvisational — a stark palate of solo trombone, voice, effects, and little more. 

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