nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Common Ground–Sirintip & Kengchakaj


Role :  Directed and Lyric

Director:nitcha tothong
Editor: nitcha tothong & kengchakaj Cinematography: ashira boonchoo Drone cinematography: santipab somboon Additional footages: olivier polome-pengthong, charlie wang, elias sch. chutnarong chaimongkol mickey mad, nick murphy the marc knight
Music: Sirintip & Kengchakaj
Lyric: Sirintip, Kengchakaj & Nitcha tothong Produced by: Sirintip, Kengchakaj & Nolan byrd
Mixed & Mastered: Nolan byrd
Thai drum samples: Mahasarakham University

In celebration of UN International Peace Day, Common Ground พื้นเดียวกัน is a song collaboration of Sirintip and Kengchakaj aiming to bring awareness of climate change and equality issue. พื้นเดียวกัน - Common Ground blended Thai tuned synths with western tuned synths in the interlude sections to create a detuned effect while being completely authentic to the way Thai instruments are tuned. The song is part of the annual project for Songs for World Peace ( is a global initiative by musicians from all over the world to promote peace through the power of music.

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