nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

Burned Believers - Caroline Davis

Role : Director, Animator

Directed, concept, and animation by Nitcha Tothong (fame)
Music: Caroline Davis, Val Jeanty, Chris Tordini Tyshawn Sorey
Samples: Lorraine Hansberry, Astrid Dalais
Video text: correspondence between Caroline Davis and Keith LaMar

Written to honor: Agnes Franco, Huguette de la Côte, burned in 1320, 1321

Album: Alula: Captivity
℗ © LadyMaitriMusic BMI

The animation breaks into three phrase loops, first, visualizing the feeling of being held captive inside a cage, without access to everything everyone else has, kept invisible from the rest of society, and deemed an enslaved person to the country. The idea that cages keep people safe is a myth. Prison is a cycle; it only continues the lack of healing. Caging is a violent act; it isolates people.

The second loop is the transformation, moving past captivity inside one’s mind.

The last part is flourishing outward inside the cage, into one’s true potential, and finding peace and forgiveness within, which gives way to learning, growth, and love. Keeping the faith that they will be cherished, remembered, honored, and loved regardless of captivity.

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