nitcha fame tothong

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

6849 mini zine
an exploration on perception of time by using polyrhythm

Zine by Nitcha Tothong and Kengchakaj Kengkarnka 

Special Thanks: sfpc, NYTZF, Lucky Risograph, Rachel K. Simanjuntak and TTZ team, Gonzalo Moiguer for translated 6849 to Español

This zine has been participated at
New York Tech Zine Fair (NYC), 2018

New York Tech Zine Fair (NYC), 2019
+ CODE (Buenos Aires)
Lucky riso & friends mini exhibit

sounds about riso 4.0

'6849' is a composition that explores the idea of perception of time using polyrhythm. According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, time is not absolute. Clocks run faster on mountain peaks than sea level. There is no single beat that we all revolve around. The concept that time is a constant beat is merely an invention of human measurement of time. '6849' paradoxically use a constant measurement of musical duration to shift perception, demonstrating the idea of time as not absolute.

This Zine recreates, in visual form, the original composition '6849’ through a different medium, including data visualization, coding, and musical score. The result investigate the perception of a variety of independence pulses within the same duration.


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