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ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม)

#1-800 number's website

Role : Concepting, Art direction, UX

Executive Cretive Director: Zane Comer
Collaborator: Ciaran Smith, Mari Al-Midhadi, Blue Hamel
Designer: Mari Al-Midhadi, Blue Hamel
Developer: ISK Pro

1800 number’s website
1-800 number (, an internet studio that creates iconic moments, is new Within’s sub-company that focuses on the entertainment industry. Combining high-impact content creation with direct-to-consumer media management we develop, produce and amplify groundbreaking projects, artists, and ideas worth watching. The project is to design and create an experiential and unique website to be home for 1-800-NUMBER.

The webpage uses scrolling interaction to walk through the portal to create an experiential feeling in the digital site.

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